Organised by the Sussex Combined Yacht Clubs - Brighton Marina Yacht Club, Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club & Sussex Yacht Club

NHC Base Handicap Applications

This Online Application system is ONLY for boats entering the Sussex Regatta. It is not a general service.
It should only be used if the boat does not have a corresponding entry in the NHC Base Handicap List.
This Online Application system has been tested but may still have unidentified bugs. If you find any problems, please e-mail the details to

* Items marked with asterix are mandatory
LENGTH: The Hull length from the fore-most part of the stem to the aft-most point of the transom excluding any hull spar such as a bowsprit.

DISPLACEMENT: The weight of the water displaced by the boat.

DESIGN YEAR: The year the boat was first commissioned.


UP-WIND SAIL AREA: The up-wind sail area i.e. sum of areas of mainsail and largest foresail (not spinnaker).

OR the following 4 measurements

P: The length of the mast track from the point where the top edge of the boom intersect the mast to the lower edge of the black band at the top of the mast.

E: The boom length from the point where the aft edge of the mast intersect the boom and the inner edge of the black band on the outer end of the boom.

I: The distance from the point where the bottom of the forward face of the mast meets the deck and the point where the forestay intersects the mast.

J: The distance between the forward face of the mast and the forward most part of the deck or bowsprit - if fitted.